Motorcycle Narrowly Avoids Wrong-Way Car Collision



We can’t imagine the fear that went through this motorcyclist’s mind during this video of an extremely close call with a car quickly approaching in the wrong lane. We’re not ashamed to say we may have needed a fresh pair of boxers after this incident! We can’t imagine what was going through the mind of the driver of this Audi – he was clearly either not paying attention to the road, or just going way too fast. Either way, this could have ended horribly for a lot of people, but fortunately everyone escaped without incident.

It’s clear from the very beginning this is a pretty tough road to drive on. It certainly appears to be somewhere in the mountains, with what looks like significant elevation changes and a lot of big curves to navigate. The biker is just cruising along in the left lane, seemingly going at or near the speed limit, when the Audi suddenly appears out of nowhere, headed straight for the biker like a missile. Fortunately, the guy on the motorcycle kept his cool, maintained his lane, and allowed the driver of the car to somehow avoid hitting him head-on. We’re talking mere inches and this could be a different story entirely. We’re glad it wasn’t, and hope it serves as a reminder for everyone to take it easy out on the road and be mindful of your surroundings. Like and share if you enjoyed the video.