Motorcycle Rider Has Extremely Close Call at Yellow Light!

motorcycle rider has extremely close call at yellow light


Have you ever seen a chain reaction of close calls quite like this? We sure haven’t! Watch this motorcycle rider barely evade multiple accidents in mere seconds! We have all been in a scary situation on a motorcycle. Its inevitable with all the jack legs on the road. Especially when it comes to intersections. But this guy just went through 3 scary situations at once!

Watch the unbelievable chain of events that happens to this rider at a yellow light. It must be said that he should have been paying much more attention in the first place. Motorcyclist have to be more than defensive drivers on the road, and this guy was barely that. You can’t deny his quick reflexes though. If it was not for his quick reactions he would have definitely found himself with a wrecked motorcycle and possibly a hospital visit. Not to mention some tickets and a chance of losing his license. Lets just hope he learned his lesson.

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