Motorcycle Wheelie Fail Ends in the Bushes



This failed wheelie goes about as poorly as possible, with the motorcycle hitting a fellow biker and then ending up in the bushes off the road. Not exactly following in the footsteps of Evil Knievel, this guy. We’re sure the next time he attempted this trick, everybody was sure to clear out and give him some space.

The wheelie itself isn’t so bad…downright impressive, in fact. Great form, able to hold it for a long time. But you see, right as he begins, you can clearly see there’s someone else up ahead of him by maybe 50 yards or so. And once he goes up on that back wheel, neither he nor the camera can see what’s up ahead. Pretty soon he slams right into the back of that other rider, and he and the bike go off-course and land in some bushes just off the roadway. Pretty rough landing, it appears. Next time, make sure you’ve got the room for your trick. Don’t forget to like and share if you got a laugh out of this motorcyclist’s unfortunate landing, too.