Motorcycle Wreck Involving Two Different Types of Bikers




If you thought motorcyclists got no respect on the road before, just wait until you see who decides to pull out in front of one in this video! The more clips we watch, the more we realize motorcycle riders really do have a solid case for getting the short end of the stick on the road. It’s getting ridiculous how many videos we see of people not paying attention and either pulling out in front of motorcycles or just side-swiping them right off the road. Things have reached a new level of disrespect, though, as you’ll soon find out.

As the biker takes a ride along this cobblestone road (Where is this, by the way? We don’t get awesome roads like this in the U.S.), suddenly a guy on a bicycle – yes, a bicycle – decides to disregard oncoming traffic and just moseys on out into the road. Seeing this idiot in his peripheral vision causes the biker (the real one) to lose control and lay down his motorcycle in an attempt to avert the collision, but he still catches the front wheel of the bicycle and sends it flying. We understand the guy on the bicycle tried to stop at the last second when he realized what he was doing, but too little too late. If you’re like us, and have seen one too many of these yourself, be sure to like and share.