Motorcycles Swarm the Streets of St.Louis For 2013 Ride of the Century!

motorcycles swarm streets of st louis for annual ride of the century 2013


It happens every year. The streets of St. Louis Missouri, fill with motorcycle stunts, burnouts, wheelies and everything that is dangerous and wrong about motorcycle riding on public streets. Its a blessing more people aren’t hurt during this annual motorcycle procession. Hundreds of sport bikers and stunters fill the streets with the sounds of high revving foreign motors and the smell of burnt rubber.

Don’t get me wrong, I love anything on two wheels, but I am not a fan of risking lives that haven’t offered them up for risk in the first place. What do you think of the ride of the century? Watch the recent video posted by GuruStunts and let us know what you think. Should these riders find another place to take their motorcycle stunts and tricks less populated, or is it ok since its just once a year?