Motorcyclist Handles Flooded Road at High Speed!



Motorcycle Rider Rides Through Flooded Road Like a BOSS!

We all have been there. Your out riding for the day, and mother nature decides your adventure needs to be a little more adventourous. Next thing you know, your driving on wet and dangerous roads for miles. The worst thing is, you can’t always just wait it out. You need to get to your destination, especially if it seems the weather is going to let up.

The same thing happened to the motorcycle rider in the video below. He found himself riding home in the rain. He was about 60 miles from home when he saw a traffic jam coming ahead. The rain was already causing his visor to fog up and lessen the visiblity, so he couldn’t tell exactly what was going on up a head. Before he knew it he was hitting 2′ deep water at high speeds.

You have to commend this guy for not panicking in this situation. Not only did he keep his cool, he kept both wheels under him, and road right through the flooded part of the road on his kawasaki motorcycle. Is it just me, or should kawasaki commission parts of this video for their next motorcycle commercial? If this guys quick thinking and skilled reaction impressed you as it did us, give the clip a ‘share’ before you go.

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