Motorcyclist Runs Red Light, Plows Into Sedan



Check out this unbelievable video of a very fortunate motorcycle rider who runs a red light, slams into the side of a sedan entering the intersection, but somehow lives to tell the story. You know we’ve all been there – a light turns yellow just as you’re approaching, and you decide to gun it at the last minute and try to sneak through before the light turns red. Well, maybe that’s what happened here, but the motorcyclist missed the timing by quite a bit. Not only was his light red, but the other light had turned green, allowing for traffic coming from his right side to enter the intersection.

The crash is pretty ferocious. That was definitely not a biker that was braking – he was riding full speed ahead trying to catch the light. He lays down his bike at the last second in a last-ditch effort to somehow avoid the accident, but it’s too late – he slams into the side of the car with a loud bang. This dude is extremely lucky to escape this accident alive, and we should all remember to take it a little slower out there – getting in too big of a hurry can cause scenes like this, which nobody wants to be a part of. Like and share if you enjoyed the video.