Motorcyclist Saves Blind Man from Danger



We’ve been saying it a ton lately, but with all of these good Samaritan videos popping up recently of bikers helping others, we’ll help lead the charge to change the bad rap bikers have gotten over the years. Check out this awesome video of a biker noticing an elderly blind man who has wandered too close to the road, and rather than simply ignoring it, decides to get involved.

As this biker is out for a ride with some buddies, he can’t help but notice an elderly man who has gotten off the sidewalk and is literally walking right along the edge of the road. Not a particularly safe place for anyone, but especially for a blind man! The motorcyclist immediately pulls a u-turn and heads back to check on the guy. Needless to say, it’s pretty obvious this guy wandered off-course and could use just a little help to get back on track.

And that’s where our biker steps in! No big deal, and it took about 1 minute out of his day, but his actions very possibly saved this man’s life! You always see those signs that warn to watch out for bikers and cyclists on the road – well, we’re glad this biker was aware enough of his surroundings and took advantage of a chance to show a little goodwill towards his fellow man. Be sure to like and share if you’re glad as well.