Muscle Cars, Hot Rods, and Pretty Country Women!



If your a fan of muscle cars, hot rods, country girls, cop chases and chevrolets, you’ll love this music video! Bucking Covington and Shooter Jennings get together to create this fun video getting down to their roots. Granted, music videos get more ridiculous as time goes on, but this one for Bucky’s song “Drinking Side of Country” is a nice change from the norm!

Watch as the video starts out with hotties riding in the back of a chevy el camino muscle car. There aren’t many things that look better in the back of an el camino then 3 pairs of denim daisy dukes and cowboy boots, let me tell yah. From the paintball shooting, cop chasing, and hidden camaro in the barn, this video almost makes you forget your watching a music video! Even if your not a Bucky fan, you can still enjoy the rides and babes! Let us know what you thought of the video in the comments below, and don’t forget to like or share before you go!