New Chevy Pickup Truck World Record Run


Turbo Powered Chevrolet Pickup Beats World Record Twice!

Its one thing to aspire to something, and its another to completely dominate. Rigo Trevino’s custom chevrolet silverado pickup truck happens to be dominating! The 99+ Chevy pickup world record has been beat and re-set by this mean mean mother of chevy!

The 427ci 114mm Turbo powered silverado produces close to 1700 horses of sick chevy power. You can see it screaming its way to the record, at the October Truck Madness event put on by the guys at, in the video below.

Trevino and his crew, actually held the previous record of 8.40 before they laid down an 8.14 then turned up the boost a little to record a pair of 8.07’s! Thats fast in any language! Keep your pinks in your pockets boys, this mean little pickup is not one to mess with!

Watch the clip below of his putting down some serious track times in his turbo powered chevy pickup before pushing a head gasket attempting 40 lbs of boost on their last run! Please give the clip a ‘share’ if you liked it as much as we did. Thanks for watching!

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