New Dodge Ram Truck Sinks in Epic Mud Hole FAIL!

new dodge ram diesel truck sinks in epic mudhole fail


Dodge Ram Truck Learns Hard Lesson in Mud Bog Attempt

Watch this epic mud bogging fail, of a brand new dodge ram truck learning that its not always the size of the tires, but how you fill your bed. This poor guy looks to have dropped some major cheese into his dodge diesel and like any self respecting mud bogger, he wants to take it for a test.

Well Shaun (the owner of the truck) attempts to cross the Crazy 8 in River Run Park near Jacksonville, TX for the test. His 2005 Dodge Ram on Rockwell 2.5 tons and tractor tires seems to be a reputable adversary for the crazy 8, until gravity comes into play. His dodge truck is extremely heavy with an onboard fuel cell, generator and a full toolbox. Watch what happens next in the video below.