Newbie Tries to Do a Motorcycle Burnout and Fails



Burn outs are definitely over rated and annoying without the proper situation or setting. Unfortunately, that is not the impression the internet gives most of the people surfing it. All to often you see tons of engagement on post, with random dudes doing a burn out in the most inconsiderate environments. Watch this funny video below. This idiot is attempting one of the above mentioned, over rated and annoying motorcycle burn outs. However, this guys must have never ridden motorcycle before.

You can’t help feel bad for this new Honda motorcycle as he tries over and over, redlining his brand new honda cbr street bike and can’t get the tire to spin. The product of which, is a stupid noise without the cool tire smoke. One random pedestrian seems to take his key out of the ignition at one point. Watch what happens when he finds a safer place to attempt the burn out again. It is safe to say, burn outs are not for this guy! If you enjoyed laughing at this idiot, be sure to ‘share’ the clip!