Oblivious Toyota Camry Driver Falls in Massive Hole



The importance of focusing on your surroundings while driving is important, as evidenced by this video out of Russia showing what happens when we don’t pay attention while driving. Some things are unavoidable – a deer or other animal running out in front of you, another driver hitting you when it’s totally their fault, etc. But driving straight through brightly colored barricades and plummeting with your car into a massive hole in the road? Yeah, that’s something completely different.

We can see the toyota camry drive by in the left lane, traveling at what appears to be a fairly brisk rate of speed. The car driver may not be speeding, but it would appear the person is traveling somewhat quickly. Somehow, the warning signs are ignored, and suddenly we see a puff of dust and debris, and the car quickly drops out of view into the massive hole in the road. That will definitely ruin your day. The car has to be a total disaster, but we hope the driver made it out ok. Doubt he will be able to claim this on his accident insurance, with this video surfacing either. One word of caution moving forward – those brightly colored orange road signs? Yeah, pay attention to those next time. Don’t forget to like and share, too.