Off-Roading in a M1 Abrams Tank Looks Amazing




We’re not quite sure the events that led up to this M1 Abrams tank getting stuck in a mud pit – but we bet it was fun, and we wish we were involved. Doesn’t every little boy dream of operating a tank someday? Ok, fine, maybe that’s just us, but this thing looks freaking awesome, and after seeing this video, we’re even more certain you could drive this thing literally anywhere you wanted to.

The M1 tank is unbelievably big and heavy – these things weigh in at about 62 tons, which really does make this escape all the more impressive – but having a 1500 horsepower turbine engine doesn’t hurt. The M1 posts a top speed of 45 miles-per-hour, but we’re fairly certain that’s not the case in this terrain. We love hearing the soldiers in this video – they’re operating a massive piece of military equipment, but they’re giggling like school girls the whole time, and made sure to capture the scene on video. Kudos to them for doing it, and we’d love to see more videos like this. Be sure to like and share if you got a kick out of it like we did.