This list exploring 21 vehicles you’d want to own during a zombie apocalypse talks about some of the biggest and meanest looking cars and trucks to ever be featured on this site! We’ve compiled a complete list of apocalypse-proof vehicles according to a strict set of survival standards. [ad#rectangle-center] Some of these vehicles would be […]


General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard, Bumblebee from Transformers, and Herbie from The Love Bug are only a select few of the 23 iconic movie cars to make this list! Sit down and enjoy the ride as we share a wealth of interesting facts and tidbits about these beloved vehicles. [ad#rectangle-center] For example, did you […]


Join us as we discuss 22 interesting vehicles used by some of today’s world leaders. We’ve scoured thought numerous official records in an effort to bring you a list featuring some of the coolest and most intriguing cars currently being used. [ad#rectangle-center] On the next page we’ll begin talking about your favorite countries specific!


The old adage “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” was the phrase which inspired us to come up with this exciting list! In it we will explore 21 different times that Chinese auto manufactures blatantly copied existing designs. We literally had hundreds of vehicle models to choose from, however in the end we decided […]


We’ve all fantasized of that car or truck we would own if we were rich. If we had an unlimited budget for upgrades or customizations. This list is a fun and inspiring journey through some of the most unique cars and trucks that have been creatively customized by some of the most famous and eccentric celebrities […]


Accompany us as we countdown the top 25 weirdest limos EVER! We’ve sorted through literately hundreds of super crazy and very unusual limousine photos in an effort to bring you the best of the best. Follow along with us as we countdown some of the most weird and creative limousine conversions on the road today. […]

24 of the strangest cars ever produced

Odds are high that you have never seen a list like this anywhere else on the web. We’ve sorted through a vast collection of bizarre cars to bring you the 24 most unique. From early 20th century prototypes to futuristic concepts, virtually no era was left unexplored. [ad#rectangle-center] You’re sure to be captivated by these […]

miniature versions of your favorite cars

This was one of our most favorite lists yet! We have put together a collection of some of the coolest mini version of iconic automobiles on the roads today. While some of these top 30 mini’s aren’t “street legal”, they are all in fact able to driven. Each ride has a top speed of over […]


When you think about upgrading, it usually means adding value to your project. In the case of automobiles, not all upgrades equate to increased value. In the following list, we show readers a few of the many upgrades that actually decrease the value of your ride. [ad#rectangle-center] Many upgrades are for the vehicle owners thrill. […]


Are you sick and tired of feeding your hard earned money to the gas pump? Did you notice recently that the price of gas dropped to below $2 in most places only to rebound back up to $3.50 and $4.00 a gallon? Do you read about the billions of dollars in profit that the gas […]