Pedestrian Fakes Car Accident



Check out this hilarious video of how the tables turn on a pedestrian who attempts to fake getting hit by a car. We open with a pretty crazy scene – a person running directly at a vehicle on the road, as we can see via the dash camera. But this is no ordinary video set up – turns out the driver of this car is a police officer! Rule #1 – if you’re trying to extort some money by faking an accident, make sure you aren’t trying to pull one over on a cop. Oh, and rule #2, make sure there isn’t video evidence!

The pedestrian goes for the Academy Award for best dramatic performance, because she really tries to milk this thing. She flings herself on the hood of the car, throws in some heavy breathing for effect, then rolls off onto the road. The cop has to be in disbelief at what just happened. He calmly gets out, and tells the girl to get up, tells her he has the whole thing on video, and then makes sure she realizes he’s a cop. The look on both of their faces is hilarious – she realizes what a serious mistake she made, and he just looks pissed off. Like and share if you enjoyed the video, and watch out for runaway pedestrians!