Pickup Truck Takes Out Female Motorcyclist on Highway



Watch this video, and we bet you’ll be as floored as we were at how this reckless pickup truck driver lets his road rage get the best of him, and purposefully takes out a lady on a motorcycle. We aren’t even really sure what caused him to become so angry in the first place…maybe she was traveling slower than he wanted to? There have got to be better ways to handle this situation, and the guy’s lucky one of us weren’t there to witness it. Let’s just say his post-accident injuries may have overshadowed any that this biker had.

The first couple of minutes of the video show the events leading up to the accident, and we really didn’t see anything that stood out. Looks like a pretty busy three-lane highway, and we only get the view from behind this truck the entire time. Just after the 2-minute mark is when it happens – the truck eases out to the right of the biker, then without warning simply slams his truck into the side of her, causing her to crash and spill into the left lane. We guess he realizes what he’s done, because he immediately gets over to the left shoulder, but there’s no way you’ll ever convince us that was an accident. Best case, he was just trying to scare her and force her over, but that’s definitely not the way to handle it. What did you guys think – this video piss you off as much as it did us? Don’t forget to like and share, as well.