Playing Paintball in a Pair of New Audi RS4 Avants



We’ve played some paintball in our time and really enjoyed it, but if we could play a game of paintball while driving and shooting from an Audi RS4 Avant? We’d never want to stop! This video showing just that – a couple of Audis dueling it out in a game of high-speed paintball – is awesome to watch, and makes us pretty envious. Of course, knowing some of our buddies, this would quickly devolve into a game of just trying to slam into the other car or spin them out. But hey, that doesn’t sound half bad, either, now that we think about it.

It’s an awesome concept, if maybe a little impractical due to the inevitable scratches and dents that would happen during a game like this. Still, seeing those paintball rifles mounted on the hoods of those Audis makes it seem like some futuristic game we could envision watching on primetime TV one day. ESPN, make it happen already! What did you guys think – this something you think you’d have a great time participating in? If you decide to put your old clunker to good use and play a game of this yourself, make sure to send us the video – and wear a helmet! Like and share if you enjoyed the video.