Plow Boy Mud: A 1600hp Blown Alcohol Mega Truck


Richie Keith’s New 1600hp ‘PLowBoy Mud’ Mega Truck

This Badass Mega Truck weighs in at less than 6000lbs and ready to race with rear stear and a blown alcohol injected big block.

Richie Keith unveiled his new Mega Mud truck called PLOWBOY MUD at his annual Christmas party. This mud truck is awesome and features a 1600 Horsepower Blown Big Block Engine. It has a Powerglide transmission, Overtime straight drive transfer case, along with overtime shocks, hubs and a few other little parts. He runs RCV axles shafts in those monster axles. I can’t wait to watch Richie rip it up in this beast.

Here’s to hoping we see more of this mean truck tearing up something soon enough! I’m already jones’n for another video! How about you guys? Be sure to ‘share’ the clip with any of your buds, that would like it too. Thanks for watching!