Polaris RZR Goes Wild on Man Made Track Full of Insanely Massive Jumps


RJ Anderson Puts the Polaris RZR UTV to the Ultimate Test Ride

Polaris began as a company in 1954. Today’s products are based on a legacy of past innovation that allowed the company to build machines that conquered the elements. The standard Polaris RZR UTV is available in an 800 or a 1000 series/models. They are capable of conquering the elements. A few specs about the 1000 series RZR.


  • Features a 999 cc engine that is 4-stroke with DOHC and fires two cylinders.
  • The transmission is an Automatic that features Park, Reverse, Neutral, Low and High
  • Drive system is a high-performance turn on-demand AWD/2WD system.
  • Features liquid cooling for engine.
  • Suspension is a Dual A-arm Walker Evens with two Needle Shock absorbers in the front.
  • Rear suspension features a trailing Arm Walker Evens setup with two Needle Shocks.
  • Brakes are 4-wheel hydraulic disc breaks that feature dual bore F/R calipers.
  • Capable of hauling 740 pounds.
  • Seats 2.
  • 90 inch wheel base
  • Digital gauges includes speedometer, tach, odometer, tripometer, fuel gauge coolant temp, voltage meter, hour meter, and a check engine light.

Level Up For Clearing the Pit of Doom

The video features a modified version of the above RZR. UTV sets off-road racing champ RJ Anderson behind the wheel and then turns him loose on this Washington State wilderness track. Track construction took over two weeks to build, and the video was shot over several days.


UTV outdoes itself with this 1:39 video of a superbly modified Polaris RZR XP-1000 Side by Side. That is only part of the shocker. The driver RJ Anderson is in the RZR while it is being toted through the sky by the helicopter and then dropped onto this rickety “Raiders of the Lost Ark” style ramp. Your brain has not even recovered from that when he launches the beast through the air with enough power to clear the ramp — Not land on the ramp, but clear it.

The uphill ramp jumps too are incredible. As are many of the other obstacles and tricks, this alpha RZR performs. This must be what it is like to play Donkey Kong in real life. In fact, this video has the making of a real life video game. For good measure, throw in a few Russian Racing Tractors and a mud pit. The video ends in a classic cliffhanger moment with a standard 2-be-continued. What do you views thing would make a good addition to the next series of this video installment? Alligators? Burning man? What say you?