Police Chase a Ford GT Super Car Through Traffic



Ford GT Supercar Runs from the Police on a Busy Highway!

If your a fan of Fords, fast cars, or Just crazy racing videos; This one will put a smile on your face! Watch this bad intense clip from a super speeders video a couple years back. These guys are professionals in the realm of evading expensive speeding tickets, and this video shows why. Watch as a Ford GT supercar is cruising through traffic when he picks up a tail. By tail we mean police officer ready to write him a ticket. The officer soon finds out he might have just bit off more than he can chew!

Highway patrol cars are no slouch in the saddle, but they are definitely not upgraded enough to hang with a highly modified super car like the 2005 Ford GT. A quick bit of history about this iconic american muscle car: The newer Ford GT’s were fashioned after the legendary Ford GT40 sports car, as a concept car for fords centennial showing at an auto show. Well, all the goodies they packed into this mean machine, garnered so much excitement and praise that Ford put them into production for some high end customers. The streamlined super car is powered with a modified SVT Cobra engine generating over 550hp at 6500 rpm’s.

Think the cop would have done his homework before attempting to chase these guys. Watch below as this super speeder takes us all on a ride of lifetime. Sit back and enjoy the fact that we can experience this type of reckless abandonment without the danger that would usually come along with it. It’s tough to not want to buy a used ford gt after this video. If you liked the post, be sure to ‘share’ it below!