Police Fight Violent Biker During Bloody Drug Arrest




Police Fight Violent Motorcyclist During Routine Traffic Stop

There isn’t too much info about this video, but the title speaks for itself. Watch this routine traffic stop turn violent, when the strong smell of cannabis coming from the motorcycle enters the picture. Right from the beginning of the clip, the cops seem to change their tone when they recognize the sport biker from a previous arrest.

Once the cops realize that there is more to this stop than they expected, they sit the perp in the car while they proceed to look for the stinky stash. What happens next is by no means a typical arrest. Watch below as the perp over powers two police officers in a suspenseful stand off. The perp gets some clean hits in to one of the officers, who soon finds himself face down on the floor with a face full of mace that was intented for the biker.

If this was in the states, I would assume the whole incident would have ended a little worse for the biker. What do you think? How do you think American police officers would have handled the unruly sport biker? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to ‘share’ the post with your buds before you go. Thanks for watching!

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