Possible First Look at 2015 Mustang s550 GT


Feast your eyes – and ears – on this video, because we’re pretty sure you are getting a first look and listen at a 2015 Ford Mustang s550 V8 GT.  There isn’t much that gets us as excited as getting to see a prototype out on the road being tested, and you can see how carefully this one’s being kept under wraps.  There’s no mistaking the power under the hood though – this baby can definitely get up and go.

There’s a lot of speculation buzzing about this car and some of the offerings Ford is supposedly coming out with over the next few years.  We do know this will be a 6th-generation Mustang platform named the s550, and we think the version you’re seeing here is the V8, rumored to have a 5.0L engine and at least 475 HP.  We’ll see if these rumors turn out to be true, but one thing we know 2 things: we can’t wait to finally see one, and we guarantee we’re going to want one.  Like and share if you’re in the same boat.