Pro Stock Big Rig Truck Pull Ends in Motor Mayhem!



Pro Stock Big Rig Truck Pull Ends in Motor Mayhem!

Its not often these killer pros stock trucks don’t get there rig across the finish line in impressive torque spewing fashion. If there is something that screams horsepower more than a pro stock truck pull, we want to be there. These killer events are fun for all ages and all demographics, but no more fun than it is for us, horsepower loving, torque inspired motor heads.

Like us, Shane Canterbury, the driver of “the Mack Attack” is a huge fan of big-ass mean motors. Just like the one in his pro stock truck featured in the video below. The one thing that can be said about this powerful truck is that the engine did not lose this race, but it might have caused the mayhem.

Watch below as Canterbury gets off to a great start. His truck is torquing right down the line, pulling up the front wheels, when all of the sudden the universal joint decides its had enough. The extreme power from the mack truck’s power plant proved to be too much for the U-joint to handle, and its all down hill from there. The video below shows the real time and slow motion action of this amazing pro stock truck pull fail! If you liked the clip, be sure to ‘share’ it with your buds before you go. Thanks for watching!

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