Problem Child – World’s Fastest Propeller Driven Boat



Ever seen a boat that can go 260+ miles per hour? Well, you have now. Feast your eyes on “Problem Child”, owned by Eddie Knox, a boat that is the reigning Lucas Oil Drag Boat Series Top Fuel champion, and holds the 15 fastest 1,000-foot times in history. And it does all of that…on water.

The Problem Child, and other boats in its class, sport the same 8,000 HP, supercharged 500 cubic-inch Hemi engines that you’ll find in Top Fuel Dragsters. We’ve done some boating in our day, but never anything like this. Can you imagine riding in one of these things? This isn’t just a lazy day on the lake tubing or casting a rod and reel – these boats are like lightning, and travel so fast across the water they make it seem like asphalt. As fast as these other boats are in its class, the Problem Child towers over them. We’re talking domination, and we’re interested to see if anyone else will catch up to what this boat and crew have accomplished. We may not know a whole lot about speed boats, but as a group that appreciates speed and horsepower, we loved watching this vessel tear across the water. What about you – think you’d love to get behind the wheel of one of these? Don’t forget to like and share.