Protesting BMW M6 Owner Smashes His $170,000 Car With Axe!



You’ve got to see this video! We all get fed up with car manufactures or sports car dealerships from time to time, but you rarely hear about something like this. Business man Pourmohseni Hadi was so fed up with the constant problems he had with his $170,000.00 Bmw M6 Sports Car after four years, that he needed to do something about it.

In the video below you will see exactly what he does about it. Hadi had reported many issues with his expensive sports car with no resolve. Seems both the german and italian bmw dealerships sent him back and forth between the two playing the blame game, yet neither did anything about his issues. Granted, I would be one pissed off owner if I paid that much money on a luxury sports car and couldn’t get any customer service from the dealer. Hadi takes the streets in an attempt to get his point across by pulling up in front of one of the worlds biggest motor show, the annual Frankfurt Auto Show and showing his displeasure in his car with a friend as they go in a rage-fueled display of taking multiple swings at the luxury car with hammers and axes! Watch below and let us know if you think there might have been a better way to get his point across!