Pulling Over in Gravel Leads to Motorcycle Accident



Observe – video evidence that shows exactly why you don’t pull over in gravel or other rough surfaces while on a motorcycle, especially while traveling at a high rate of speed! By the looks of it, these 2 bikers are out for a joyride in the mountains, breathing in that fresh mountain air and having a blast cruising on winding roads and big hill and valleys. Not much beats being out on the open road, but being able to do it in the mountains takes the cake.

The guy out front decides to pull over for some reason, but waits a little too late and is traveling a little too fast for the spot he chooses. He slows down and attempts to pull over at this intersection where a gravel road enters the one he’s on, and we’re guessing he immediately regrets the decision. His buddy has the perfect view, and just so happens to have been wearing a video camera. The biker wipes out hard, emerging from a cloud of dust to check on his motorcycle. Hopefully he and the bike are alright. Be sure to like and share if you can appreciate this motorcycle tip, even if it was learned at another’s expense.