Quick Thinking Porsche Driver Avoids High Speed Car Accident!



If there is one certain when driving on public roads, its that nothing is certain! Just like this crazy video submitted by the driver of this porsche 993. The 993 Porsche sports car is basically a 911, with one major difference, the suspension. The 993 had an upgraded suspension from the older 911 porsches and that upgrade might have very well saved the life of this lucky driver in the video below.

Watch as he is driving down this freeway at somewhat normal speeds, when a runaway car that seems to have lost control entering the on ramp, comes bolting right onto the free way in front of the porsche driver. Unfortunately for the runaway car, it could not avoid colliding with the median. However, the driver of the porsche 993 takes advantage of the upgraded suspension and his quick thinking, to narrowly avoid what would have been a much more serious collision. That was some impressive driving don’t you think? Wonder if he checked his blind spots before changing lanes.