Race Car Almost Takes Flight During Drag Race Event!

car takes flight in drag race



Believe us, we thought we had seen it all when it comes to drag racing videos, but we had never seen a car literally come off the track and almost take flight while accelerating before. Check out this crazy video from over the weekend where a car did exactly that – the driver accelerates so fast and air rushes under the car so quickly, what begins as a wheelie turns into a car that is practically fully airborne! Maybe the driver forgot what kind of race this really was…

Don’t get us wrong – that’s pretty damn cool, and under other circumstances, the driver might think it was pretty awesome, too. But here’s the thing – he’s trying to win a race, and that ain’t going to cut it. Now, if there’s ever a call for 2 wheel racing in a four-tire vehicle? Well, we’d have a different discussion on our hands. But for now, he might want to consider making the necessary adjustments to keep all wheels on the pavement for the time being. What did you guys think – pretty funny? Just plain cool? Be sure to share your two cents, and like and share our post.