220 HP Radial Engine Powered Volkswagen Bug

radial engine powered volkswagen bug car


220 Hp Radial Engine Powered VW Beetle

One thing you can never fault a volkswagen owner for is lack of creativity. These guys are always tricking out the storied vw bug. The german head scratcher you see in the video below is no exception. This video of Mike Neiman (a California motorcycle shop owner) starting up his cool matte black volkswagen caught our eye. He has the 4′ prop off in the video while he dials in the engine.

Prop-driven cars never had a real chance with the mass consumer market, but none of the previous attempts ever looked as cool as this Beetle, with its 11-liter radial tank engine mounted in place of the rear bumper.

Built by Continental, the W670-9A engine is rated at 220 horsepower. The engine was used in a variety of applications, and this 1941 model was pulled from an M2 tank. Bore is 5.125 inches with a 4.625-inch stroke, giving the engine total displacement of 668ci.

Nieman plans to take this ride to Bonneville, strap on the propeller, and see what she will do. How fast do you think he can get her? How many takers think this crazy custom car might get all four wheels off the ground? If you liked this post, be sure to ‘share’ it before you go.

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