Rattle Trap: A Custom 5.9L 12V Twin Turbo Cummins Diesel Jeep!


Custom Jeep Wrangler with a Twin Turbo Cummins Diesel Attacking Moab Desert!

There are Jeeps, and then there is the Rattle Trap! This custom built turbo cummins JK has so many upgrades that it its almost tough to still call it a jeep. Martin Barkey Racing Products (MBRP) Performance Exhaust spent about a year and a half orchestrating the build of what has now become the mother of all Off-Road Jeeps!

This monster vehicle boasts a Twin Turbo 5.9-Liter 12-Valve Cummins engine in a JK body frame, as well as 44×19.5 Pit Bull Rocker Tires. The video below shows the Rattle Trap climbing wicked verticals, even climbing obstacles over 6’ high. MBRP only makes the exhaust for this vehicle, however they managed the construction and field testing of the Rattle Trap. No doubt this Jeep is insanely impressive!

How would you like to take this baby for a weekend trip into the wild?