Reckless Truck Driver Forces Semi Truck Off the Road

Semi Truck Driver Was Forced Into a Guardrail by Another Semi Truck Driver

The last thing you ever want to see while heading down a snowy road, is an 18 wheeler in your lane, headed straight for you. That is exactly where this unlucky semi truck driver found himself! I say unlucky, and realize that is not the right word. The fact is the driver filming the video was extremely luck that the accident was worse. He could have lost his load, or even rolled the tractor trailer right into the snowy shoulder.

They are still looking for the truck driver that caused the accident. Not only was passing a snow plow uphill, he was crossing a double yellow line, and headed into a blind curve. If thats not reckless I don’t know what is. Oh, did I mention he was carrying hazardous materials?


This guy needs to have his CDL license revoked and should be responsible to the damages of wrecked semi truck. Insurance or not, it is not cheap to get an 18 wheeler fixed! If you have any information on the mystery driver please send it in to the video owner. Please share this around till we find the driver and get him off the road!

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