Resurrecting a 1948 Indian Chief Motorcycle After 40 Years

1948 indian chief motorcycle start after 40 years


Cold Starting a Vintage Indian Motorcycle After 40 Years!

There is nothing like the nostalgic sound of an old motorcycle engine. From Harleys and Nortons to RE’s and Triumphs they can enlighten your historic appreciation in a few seconds of hearing them. This video is absolutely amazing. Watch and listen as Kiwi Motorcycles of Riverside CA attempt to restore a classic 1948 Indian Motorcycle that has not run before this video for 40 years.

On first crank the motorcycle proves the age old saying “Indian motorcycles never die”. The best thing about the video is the sound you are hearing is the same sound the owner heard while riding down the coast. This was also the same time the beach boys, James Dean, or whomever else you idolized of the era where cruising the fresh pavement. If you love the bikes of old, be sure to share this video with anyone you know who might appreciate it to!