Road Rager Attacks Motorcyclist in the Middle of Traffic!


Road Raging Idiot Punches Motorcycle Rider in Traffic!

Am I the only one who feels like I’m wearing a suit of armor when Im in my motorcycle gear? Anytime I’m in my jacket with gloves and helmet on, I feel almost like a night of the round table. Knowing if anyone were to attempt to assualt me, they would be in a world of trouble.

This is why I am a little baffled by this video below. Not only is the driver of the volkswagen GTI car almost hobbit size, he is unprotected and obviously a moron. The biker is wearing a helmet and I would assume gloves as well. One punch from a pair of carbon fiber knuckled riding gloves, would knock a whole row of teeth out.

It doesn’t even seem like the motorcyclist did anything wrong at all. In fact it seems like the volkswagen driver was in a lane that had cars parked ahead and was trying to beat the bike off the line to cut him off. Once he lost that battle, he seems to have gotten pissed off and probably a little embarrassed after peeling out to only put the brakes on.

Watch as he speeds up to cut off the motorcyclist, gets out and punches him in the helmet! Are you kidding me? This guy needs a serious ass woopin, and I guarantee he will get on soon enough acting like that! Can you believe the nerve of this little guy? Am I wrong? Was the motorcyclist at fault for anything, but being a bit of a sissy?

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