Rock Bouncer Hill Climb FAIL at Adventure Off-Road Park!



Watch this epic hill climb attempt from this past weekend go from climb to roll in an instant! This weekend Jake Burkey was having fun at the Adventure Off-Road Park & Nature Center in Pittsburg, TN. Him and a couple other rock climbing junkies, took their rock bouncer buggies for some hill climbing. These heavy horsepower buggies with ultra plush shocks and monster sized off road tires, really are sight!

Watch as Jake attempts the race hill at the off road park with spectators rooting him on, when he gets an unlucky bounce close to the top. Keep in mind, this hill looks steep on camera so you know it was even steeper in person. Once the badass buggy gets the unlucky bounce off a rock, gravity does the rest. Fortunately for Jake the buggy has one mean looking roll cage and protected him during the many rolls down the hill. We’re glad he made it, and cheered him on from our desk along with the spectators in the crowd. If you liked Jake’s attempt and the reaction from the crowd be sure to ‘share’ the post before you go. Thanks for watching!