Rookie Rider Crashes Dad’s New Ducati Motorcycle



Rookie Crashes Dad’s New Ducati Motorcycle

We’ve all had moments on a motorcycle we aren’t proud of, especially when we were first learning, but we’re thankful ours aren’t up on the internet for the whole world to see! Unfortunately for this young man, we can all get a pretty good chuckle at one of his first times on a bike. Having just gotten his motorcycle permit, he’s like every other kid with a brand new driver’s license in-hand – he’s ready to ride! Good old dad lets him take the 1100cc Ducati motorcycle out for a spin, and within 30 seconds this whipper snapper is on his ass!

He’s thankful he was wearing a helmet and vest to prevent too serious of an injury, but come on dad – tennis shoes, jeans, and no gloves? The kid does one lap around the parking lot, and apparently gets it into his head that he’s the second coming of Evil Knievel and really cranks it up a notch heading back towards the camera. Big mistake – he instantly loses control of the bike and crashes in fairly spectacular form. We’re glad the kid’s ok, and we bet he learned a pretty important lesson that day. Take it slow and easy, and you’ll be out riding like a pro in no time. If you got a kick out of this video, be sure to like and share so others can, too.