Russian Dashcam Compilation Shows Multiple Acts of Humanity

russian dashcam shows multiple acts of humanity



After the law was passed in Russia that every vehicle must have a dashcam to protect against accident and vehicle insurance fraud, we have been the beneficiary of some interesting videos being shared. From the outrageous amount of road rage fights, to scary and dangerous reckless drivers causing serious car crashes and accidents. Its funny how we focus on the worst and don’t leave any room for something kind or generous.

Well the video below is a definite change of pace from the usual russian dashcam video. The video below, like the title states is an amazing compilation that has gone viral in the states with over a million view in the last month. This video shows some of the acts of human kindness these dashcams have captured. From random drivers pulling over to help old ladies cross the street, to taking time to let helpless animals cross in front of them safely, and even help stuck motorist out of thick snow and dangerous icy road conditions.

This compilation makes us wonder, what if americans were required to keep dashcams in their vehicles? Would we have a long enough compilation of kind acts of humanity? Would our crashes and road rage episodes out weigh those? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to the share this post if you liked the video. Thanks for watching!