Russian Truck Driver Fights Pedestrian While His Truck Rolls Away


Truck Driver Loses His Truck While Fighting Pedestrian in the Snow

It is becoming harder and harder to be surprised by what we see from the footage of russian dash cams! One of the most common things in these videos is fighting. Not sure exactly what has these people so damn angry at each other, but it sure makes for good entertainment.

This clip is no different. In fact it is quite entertaining to say the least. I am not sure what the pedestrian has to say to the driver of the grocery truck (or box truck). Whatever it was, it was enough to get the driver out of the cab mid roll. Not only mid roll, but while crossing a snow covered intersection.

Watch as the driver begins the altercation with a right hook from his drivers seat. Ultimately the driver seems to lose the fight, but he wins the award for ultimate multi-tasker! There are not many people who can safely ghost ride a truck through a snowy intersection, duke it out with someone on the street, then get back in the truck with no harm.. to the vehicle that is!


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