Ryan Anderson’s Son Uva Digger Monster Truck Save of the Year at Monster Jam 2014


Ryan Anderson’s Killer Save During a Monster Truck Run at Monster Jam

Ryan, the son of the famous monster truck driver Dennis Anderson has been making his own name for himself in the past years. From his epic backflip at the Monster Jam World Finals, to his now famous save of the year! His dad Dennis Anderson has been driving arguably the second most famous monster truck of all time. Behind the ford Bigfoot of course.

When Ryan pulled off the huge backflip, he landed right out of his dads large shadow. With his own name making its way to podium for the last couple years now. In this video posted by a fan at the St.Louis Monster Jam 2014. Ryan is doing his thing. Keeping the crowd energized like the top truck competitors. All of the sudden Ryan rolls his truck, and with any monster truck run, that is usually the conclusion of their show.

Showing his grit and determination, the Son Uva Digger Monster Truck driver keeps on the gas, and finds a way to get back on those huge tires! The reaction from the fans is absolutely epic! Watch the clip and listen to the stadium go nuts, when the monster truck recovers from the flip!

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