Scary Accident When Hazmat Truck Crashes on a Busy Highway, While Hauling Explosive Material


Hazmat Truck Crashes on Highway Causing Dangerous Explosion!

No, this is not a scene out of the next need for speed movie, nor is it a hazmat training video. However, I can see this soon becoming a perfect example for truck drivers that carry hazmat material. After watching something like this, you would imagine hazmat drivers would add another layer of defense to their already careful driving habits.

This is actually a real collision caught on tape by a Russian dash cam during a regular highway commute. It is absolutely crazy looking. Watching the gas cylinders of what appears to be acetylene, zooming back and forth across the highway like overgrown bottle rockets!

Let hope nobody was seriously injured. It seems the truck driver was able to escape the crash shortly after the initial collision. This is why hazmat vehicles have some of the highest insurance rates in the industry.


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