Scary Car Crash Splits Lamborghini Aventador in Half







Check out this crazy video that shows a Lamborghini Aventador get ripped literally in half when it collides with another car in Brooklyn. This CCTV footage is quite a sight to behold, and the result of this accident is unbelievable. In one lane, you have a Lamborghini driving straight ahead down the road. In the other, a sedan attempting to make a left turn into a driveway. When the driver of that sedan fails to yield and wait until the Aventador passes, watch out!

You’ve got to think the driver of the sedan simply doesn’t see the Lambo coming until the absolute last second, because it’s clear as day that the car doesn’t have time to make the turn. He does anyway, and smashes into the back left side of the Lamborghini, sending it careening into a wall. The impact is brutal, but you’d never guess just how badly damaged the Lamborghini is until you see the footage – the car is left in two pieces! Good thing nobody is in the backseat, because we think it’s safe to say they would be toast! The driver survived the accident with fairly minor injuries, and somebody’s car insurance company is about to pay a pretty penny to replace this dude’s ride. Don’t forget to like and share this crazy video as a reminder to others to pay attention on the road, or else they might soon be the ones responsible for a totaled $400k Lamborghini, too!