Scary Chevy Mud Truck Crash at Trout Creek Mud Bog!



When off-roading and mud bogging in lifted trucks, jeeps or any vehicle for that matter. You can never be sure of what can happen. Face it, we are taking heavy powerful vehicles, places they normally do not go. This scary video is a great reminder to all of us that love pushing the limits of our lifted trucks and off-road vehicles.

Watch this scary chevy mud truck wreck at the trout creek mud bog a couple months back. It seems that when Chaz ( the chevy truck owner) begins his run for the mud bog, his chevy trucks throws itself in reverse at the worst time possible. The chevy truck flips forward into an endo, landing on the roof of the cab. This can be a dangerous landing in grass or on pavement, but the danger is magnified when Chaz finds himself trapped upside down in a deep mud hole!

Fortunately for Chaz, the quick thinking camera man was able to pull him out before any major injuries were sustained. Along with Chaz making it out of the wreck un scathed, another amazing fact is that he had just installed the roll cage in his chevy mud truck the week before. Can you imagine the outcome if he waited any longer to install the safety cage in his truck?

We hope this video strikes some preventative thinking to our fellow off-road truck lovers. You never know what can happen out there and the proper safety can not be overlooked. Keep safe but don’t give up the love of adventure! Be sure to ‘share’ this post to any of your crazy mud lovin’ buds that might need to see this too.