Scary Motorcycle Accident During Drag Race


This is Why Drag Bikes Have Wheelie Bars

When Carey Hart attempted the first back flip on a motorcycle, I’m sure he expected many to follow. That is exactly what happened. If you watch freestyle motocross nowadays, you can’t even compete without throwing a couple different back flip combinations.

Not only are motorcycles doing it, but we’ve even seen cars, trucks, and monster trucks pulling off the coveted backflip trick in exhibitions. The backflip your going to see in the video below, was a little different. Although it is almost a perfect rotation, the rider of this high powered drag bike was not trying to impress the judges.

It seems the rider got a little too much torque off the start and just couldn’t let off the throttle in time. With the amount of speed he was already traveling, combined with the aerodynamics of his custom motorcycle, the rider gets airborne in a hurry. If he had wheelie bars installed on this motorcycle, they would have easily prevented this crazy accident, but then again, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy this major motorcycle fail. So lets just be thankful we get to laugh at this, along with the rider who made a full recovery.

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