Scary Porsche Race Car Wreck at Rally Hellendoorn



It’s amazing anyone survived this Porsche 964 RSR going completely out of control, slamming into a wall, and then flipping over into a canal, but both the driver and co-driver made it out with literally no injuries whatsoever. That’s one hell of a story to tell, and one that we don’t mind sharing. This video comes out of the recently completed Rally Hellendoorn in the Netherlands, and the clip is nuts.

The Porsche comes around the corner at the very beginning of the video, absolutely high-tailing it around that corner. It appears they came a bit too fast around that corner, and maybe that’s what set up the next sequence of events. It’s hard to say, but it definitely looks like the driver locks the brakes, which causes the Porsche to head straight into the barrier headfirst at a high rate of speed. The car slams into the barrier, then gets flung around the corner and over onto its roof, landing in a watery canal as its final resting spot. As we said, it’s amazing enough that these guys survived, but that they escaped with no injuries is practically unbelievable. What a wicked crash and awesome outcome. If you enjoyed the video, make sure to like and share this post.