Scary Showdown After Range Rover Hits Bikers in New York City



Believe us when we tell you – this video showing an escalating standoff between a mass of motorcyclists and a family in a Range Rover will leave you stunned. The video took place just this past weekend in NYC during an annual street ride, and shows a black Range Rover with a husband, wife and child surrounded by a group of riders. It’s hard to tell from the video if it was the driver’s fault or if the biker brake-checks him, but the SUV hits one of the bikers, causing most of the others to stop, causing the SUV to become trapped among the crowd.

We can only imagine the driver became fearful of what would happen next, causing him to panic and accelerate directly into a group of the bikers, hitting several of them (though, fortunately, nobody was severely injured according to police). The next several minutes of the video show a wild chase through the streets of New York, culminating in a couple more altercations, including the riders finally catching up to the Range Rover. The last scene we get is of the bikers smashing in the windows of the black SUV, causing some minor injuries to the driver of the Range Rover, who did have to seek medical attention for cuts to his face. The riders were clearly pissed at the driver who wiped out several of their comrades, but we also understand the fear felt by the family in the SUV. What do you guys think – either party clearly at fault here, or do both shoulder some of the blame? Feel free to comment below, and like and share the video, as well.