Sensitive Airbag Can’t Handle Bumpy Road




If you didn’t know the title of this post, you would probably never guess the end result of this funny video that shows what happens when an airbag is set a bit too sensitively and deploys unexpectedly. Actually, to be fair, we’re not entirely sure what the story is here – it could be the sensitive airbag, but check out how awful these roads look! We’ve got to imagine that isn’t the first airbag deployed unexpectedly in this area – maybe the title of this post should be “Road in Serious Need of Repaving”!

After speaking with some friends standing nearby, the driver of this vehicle is about to pull out onto the road when the action occurs – he hits hard on an area where the road suddenly slopes upward, and the airbags deploy. If you’ve ever been in an accident where the airbags go off, you know how startling that feeling is, almost like a gunshot going off in the vehicle. The fact that this one was so unexpected, and that there really was no “accident” that be labeled as the cause, makes it all the more hilarious. Oh, and the fact that someone was there to video the incident helps, too. If you enjoyed watching this clip, make sure you like and share this video.