Seth Enslow’s World Record Harley Davidson Motorcycle Jump!

seth enslow world record long jump on  a harley davidson sportster motorcycle


Seth Enslow, the crusty demon of Dirt and OG long distance jumper achieved the long time goal of jumping a dirt bike over 300 feet! He thought it was time to go along a different line and take it back to Harley-Davidson.
Seth was in Australia to remake history on the 2nd of March 2010, along side the iconic Sydney harbour bridge he was riding the very iconic Harley-Davidson Motor Cycle. Seth’s bike has been modified somewhat by Gavin Walker and Co including his son Jack Walker who was also the test pilot for most of the modifications having jumped the bike over 150ft himself, The shop they work out of is QuickFix Harley Davidson Mildura, suspension wise the new Harley Davidson XR 1200 Sportster was beefed up front and back and some motor cross handle bars were added, the exhaust was cut off by SETH himself.

Seth Launched the 650pound XR1200 Sportster at a little over 90kmh up the take off ramp, through the air he travelled an amazing a 183feet and 7 inches, this is the longest ever jump recorded by a rider on a Harley Davidson, a record which was once held by the great man Evel Knievel. If you enjoyed this jump and respect the man, be sure to like and share the post before you go!