Shockwave: The World’s Fastest Jet Powered Truck!


Everybody’s Favorite Jet Truck Turned 30, and is Showing No Signs of Slowing Down!

The 36,000 horsepower jet truck is nothing short of impressive. There isn’t a jet truck in the world more popular than Shockwave! Using 3 jet engines to power the massive truck frame down the track, Shockwave’s owner claims it pulls 6 G’s and a stomach turning 9 G’s negative when they pull the shoots after a run.

Speaking of run. The world’s fastest jet truck sure does run! With a top speed of 375 mph and 1/4 mile records of 6.5 seconds, any fan of high octane horsepower would give anything to take this massive jet truck for a spin. Think you could handle a run in the drivers seat of this massive machine?



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