Small Girl Can’t Get in Lifted Ford F-Series Pickup Truck

girl cant get in lifted ford f series pick up truck


Little Lady Tries to Get in a Big Ford Truck

Watch this funny video that had us laughing on floor! This small girl is trying to get into her friends husband’s truck that is giving her some fits. The lifted ford f-series pick up truck is towering over her little frame, and she can’t figure out how to get in so they can head to dinner. Her friend is filming and have a good laugh like us as the small girl tries to figure out the puzzle that is getting into a lifted pick up truck.

The funniest part of the video is the pick up trucks owner had been out of the clip for most of the video until he passes by at the end with a 6′ ladder that he had obviously been searching for to help the damsel in distress. He finally arrives with the helpful ladder a second to late, as the small girl uses the large chunky treads of the new mud tires to climb her way in the lifted truck! Good timing dude.. good timing!