Speeding Idiot Nearly Causes Wreck



Watch this crazy video from Singapore that shows a close call that occurs when a speeding car shoots the gap between 2 others. Although the description on the video says this was a street race, it appears to us as though it was the actions of one foolish driver that almost caused a pretty awful accident. Watch it play out and tell us what you think.

The dash cam catches a black car (maybe a Subaru?) flying into the picture from the right side and attempting to merge blindly into the lane to his left. Of course, he doesn’t see a car from one lane over trying to merge into that same lane until the very last second. Both cars pull away just before impact, narrowly avoiding the collision. The speeder fishtails wildly for a few seconds, finally getting his car under control, and takes off. The red car that he almost side-swiped follows, and eventually speeds up and passes the moron, but not before he feigns one last move towards the red vehicle. We’re pretty sure that was just the driver of the car that almost got taken out letting off a little steam. Either way, this could have easily been avoided altogether by simply driving at a normal rate of speed.